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The Photos
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend of Red White and Blue

Well this weekend was the "Red White and Blue" weekend! I went to stay with Jenny's college friend Lara and her family for the 4th of July weekend. She lives close to Washington D.C so we went!
The building above is the National Museum of Natural History.

Below is the Washington Monument.

This gorgeous building below is the Capital building. It is so amazing how they designed it. I went inside but I couldn't bring my camera or anything in.

The Cannon House Office Building is where I went into Brian Higgins office. I felt like I was in charge of the whole world at the time.

This was just the entry way of the Cannon Office Building!
"Everyone I am now in charge!" This was at Brian Higgins desk!
We all had our "meeting" in my office. We had a chat on what we wanted for lunch.
This was the amazing ceiling at the Cannon Office Building.
The Cannon Office Building is below. It looks beautiful even on the outside!

The Capital building at a different angle.

Then there is the gigantic White House! It was really weird after luch though...... I saw my cousins Angela, Stevie, and Kristina!
After D.C the next day we went to a waterpark! I spent the whole day trying to get across the Lilly Padz! I didn't make it any of the times I tried though! Maybe next time.
These were the awesome people that I stayed with. Tim, Lara, Sabrina and Sami. Thank you guys!

Before the walk on the Balls Bluff Battlefield Jenny got ready....... "I fight like a girl" she said.At the Balls Bluff walk they had a cemetary. This is the smallest cemetary in the U.S.A. In the cemetary it has 24 stones. 1 out of the 24 stones are identified people, fighters.

Later there was a 4th of July parade in the center of the town of Leesburg.
This was the lucky man that was identified in the Ball's Bluff battle.For the celebration of the 4th of July we all got plain shirts and drew on the shirts to have the U.S.A theme to it.

After everything that we did for the 4th of July celebration we ended it off with sparklers, Pop-Its, and a great firework show.
All that you could hear from these fireworks were, "Wow" and "Dico Ball". There were many more! We were laughing so hard.

This was for the Hoss family! I saw it on the way to Virginia and I was sure to get it on the way home!
Hi Mommy, Tata and Daniela! Miss you lots!

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  1. Hello Ariana. Mike here. Those are very beautiful and historic buildings. And it's a good record of a good day. We are, at present, staying with our second daughter and her husband and daughters in Sweden. Which reminds me; my granddaughter Freja esecially asks to be remembered to you.
    Thanks for that blog. I really enjoyed it.
    Regards, Mike and Ann.


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