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The Photos
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

House Hunters "Old Style"

Before I left the farm I spent a day with Thomas and Lizzy Reynolds. They had a pool and it said that the temperature was 86 degrees!!!

Later on in the weekend Grandpa took me to the Genesee Country Museum. I pretended that I was house shopping, old style.
This is house #1

This was the pretty flowers in house #1's garden.
This is the MANSION! This home had a horse barn, 8 bedrooms, and an indoor restroom.

This was the inn.
House #3

This was a home on Plank Street. Very homey inside!
House #4
This was the "garage" for house #4.
This was just put into the village. It needs a lot of work but I can handle it!
House #5
This is the road that house #5 was on.
Well, after my house searching Granpa took me to the Cozy Kitchen for lunch.

This home was on the road on the way home. Beautiful looking, such great detail!
House #6
Look at how many seagulls were on the field!

Thank you Nanna, Grandpa, Jenny, Bimpa, Finn and Cooper for making my trip to Brockport a blast! See you soon. Love you!


  1. Ariana! I thought you were too tired to post something tonight! It was our pleasure to have you here at the farm and you can move in any time! Have a fun with your friends before you head off to Croatia. We miss you already!

  2. I made time to make it before I passed out. Miss you lots!

    Love, Ariana

  3. Hullo Ariana. We hope you have a great time in Croatia. At the moment we're in Sweden with our daughter and granddaughters. Love the look of the houses on your latest. We've moved around a good deal. In fact over our forty seven years of marriage, we've lived in fourteen homes, most of them old buildings, and we've loved them all. I think we've settled down now, though. We do hope you continue to blog.
    Regards, Mike and Ann.

  4. What beautiful buildings. I hope you have a great time in Croatia.

    Best wishes from Ruth in Sweden.


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