The Photos

The Photos
It's kind of fun to do the impossible. ~Walt Disney

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Skywatch Friday!

Hello! This is the first time I am doing Skywatch Friday so I hope you enjoy!

Storm coming right up!
Thanks for seeing my sky shots! Go to to see more pictures!!

Morning Everyone!

Good morning everyone! Today seems like a good day! I had a yummy bagel and a nice cold cup of orange juice.

Looks like a sunny day today coming ahead!

A jet just taking off near the airport a couple streets away.
Mount Charleston all covered with snow! I want to go sledding!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Back on track but kind of late....

Well this is to recap you on this summer part 1. I have tried to upload more pictures but internet almost died.
Up above, I am overlooking the beautiful waters if Zjre, an island in Croatia.

Below, these are the types of flowers covering part of my Baba and Dida's house in Zablace, Croatia.

The weather was pretty different from years in the past, but this was a picture that captured everything (weather wise) in Croatia. The light clouds= sunny days and the dark clouds= sad rainy days.
Above if you look at the bottle what does it look like? Look really close. Comment what you think it looks like.

Below is my Great Baba Jasna. This is my Baba's mom.

This is the beautiful waters of Croatia. Pretty right? It is the most clearest water that I have seen yet.
This is my cousin Olivia who I stayed with for most of the time. Three weeks with this little munchkin! <3
This is after the morning we arrived and Daniela and I wanted to take a nice walk through Zablace for the first time in 2 years.
Sunset to end the first day in Croatia.
This is in London.. HALFWAY THERE!! We enjoyed the last flight to Croatia.
Haha Olivia sitting behind me, playing and laughing.
Somewhere over Europe... Soooo close!
Before we take off to Europe, fun time ahead.

A very visible rainbow on the way to NYC from the farm in Brockport.
It was very rainy and cloudy on the way home from Brockport. This is a shot to capture how the ride was.
On our way to NYC we stopped at Baba's house in upstate NY and she made some home made bread! Yummy!!!
Ahhhh.... The beautiful green, we dont have it in Vegas!! We have tumbleweeds, sand, cactus', and gambling. Haha what a change!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sorry for the Error!!! But now I am BACK!!

This is when Baba, Daniela, and I all went on a walk before Baba and Dida left to go back to New York.
This was a little earlier than Christmas at Marko's basketball games. Marko's mom and his mom's friend are in this picture.
Daniela and I are standing next to the amazing Christmas decorations at the Bellagio hotel/casino.
New Years Eve dinner at Palm steakhouse with Uko John, Ida, Kate, and Daniela. Also with our Daniela!! Then Baba, Dida, Tata, Mommy, and I.
The ending of Christmas day. I got everything that I wanted!
I hope that it was a nice welcome back to the Cookie Jar!