The Photos

The Photos
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An "Out of the Park" Day!

Today was a great day. First I went to the D&R Depot in Le Roy to have lunch with Kristen, her mom and sister Daniela. I see her and her family when I go to Croatia.

Well after the BIG stuffing lunch we went home. When on our way I saw more amazing clouds. It looks like you can see it in a movie!

The clouds at the farm also looked great.

When it was time, Jenny took me to Finn and Cooper's T-ball game. Finn has his gameface on and he is ready to make a run to 2nd base.

And Cooper had his funky gameface on!

After T-ball we went home and I saw a bunny!

The clouds were very beautiful over the indoor.

Then there was another gorgeous sunset.

Well, I will be gone for a couple of days but I will take lots of more pictures! Stay tuned for the next update!
Hey Mommy, Tata and Daniela! Miss you! Hey Hoss'.

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