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The Photos
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bullying. Needs. To. END.

     I am so sorry for not uploading pictures right now. This post that you are reading right now is very important to me. It is about bullying. Bullying goes around my school, as if no one really cares who they are hurting or how bad they are hurting the victim. Nobody has really got a clue on what they are doing, except the victim. I watched a video last night that has touched me so much.
     The video is on YouTube and it is called: "Whats goin on.."
The boy's name is Jonah.  This is just one person that has stood up to what bullying has done to them. After Jonah's video was posted, others shared their stories on index cards also. You can see some of the other stories on the side of the YouTube page. Please, look at this video, put an end to bullying, share the message! I know that I am just one person, but I want to make a big different in the way people are being treated. After you have watched the video comment on this post about what you thought.