The Photos

The Photos
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Thursday, July 7, 2011


 Berlin about to leave her stall during morning chores.
 Gucci relaxing outside of the barn.
 Nanna and I took a bike ride and we passed a whole bunch of wood that was for sale.
 More wood...
 Also on our bike ride, we passed a beautiful colonial home. Isn't this so pretty?
 The side door and driveway to the colonial home.
 We also stopped at Barb's barn, that she is just about done building.
 Inside Barb's barn... In it there is two stalls, very spacious ones too. And, very tall/big because Mustafa and Grace are huge in height and in width.
One of the stalls where Grace or Mustafa will stay.

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  1. what is a colonial home? and yes it is very pretty.


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