The Photos

The Photos
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun Jam Packed Weekend

 Cooper and Aunt Jenny getting pulled by Topper on the boat.

As we were docking at Spencerport, we saw this stunning house... Isn't it just gorgeous?
Tina found us sailing down the canal and decided to bring out her camera.
To know more about the Norwegians and where they traveled to visit this website above.
We went on the Norwegians boat for a ride down the Erie Canal as they were heading out of Brockport.

 Nicholas and Daniela trying to decide what to do to get the ball in the hole. I don't know any fancy golf terms so if I said something wrong... sorry.
 Julianna about to hit the ball.
 Kuma Laura trying to get a hole in one.

 I got two moon shots... Above and below, it was such a beautiful night and the moon was shining so bright.

 Orange relaxing on the chair outside.
 The back yard during sunset.
 This is Sidney, the "ninja cat" with his green eyes.
 During morning chores looking past the pastures.

 Come and get your fresh yummy garlic at the Skoog Farm in Brockport...
Daniela with grandpa's shades on.

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