The Photos

The Photos
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Springdale Farm

Well, today was a good day. I went to Springdale Farm with Jenny, Finn and Cooper.

We saw this goat when walking through the farm!

We had some wicked clouds and I ended up catching a shot of them!

The gardens were beautiful.

They had everything from turtles to minature horses.

I even got to milk a cow.

The sun was shining, but the temperature was nice and cool.

When we got home I went out to see the horses.

Grandpa grows some beautiful lillies!
And Aunt Jenny grows great petunias!
Hi Mommy, Tata and Daniela! What music do you want to hear? Oh, hey Hoss'.


  1. Ariana,
    Love your blog! I'll be stopping by regularly. Great photos!

  2. Hey ariana! I Miss u! These pictures are awsome! Hope ur have a great trip!


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