The Photos

The Photos
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ice Skating and New years!

 Maddie, Meghan, Daniela, and I about to go ice skating on Lake Las Vegas.
 Meghan on the ice, she was actually very good!
 Daniela catching her balance.
 Maddie on the ice, she needs a little work. Haha!
 I was trying to through some snow in the air, but it didn't really work out.
 Ahhhh! It is too dark!

 Wow! Look at Daniela go!
 Maddie and I talking to mom.
 Awww! Look at those two sisters!
 After ice skating.

 Meghan and I on New Years!

The fireworks were awesome at Lake Las Vegas!


  1. Ariana! Yeah! a new post. It's nice that you can go ice skating out there with your friends. I imagine Las Vegas really does a number with fireworks on New Years Eve. Have a nice day and keep taking pictures.

  2. It looks like you're having fun! :)


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