The Photos

The Photos
It's kind of fun to do the impossible. ~Walt Disney

Thursday, November 10, 2011


 On our way to Mt. Charleston.
 We saw wild burro's on the way!
 So gorgeous!
 This is where we went sledding.
 All bundled up and ready for some sledding.
 Maddie after her first ride down.
 Me, after ride #1.
 Going up the hill, I ended up finding a skull! It was an animals skull.
 Megan after her first ride.
 Meghan after her first hill.
 Me, after my first fall.

 Me and Maddie about to have lunch.
 Megan and I making a heart.
 Close up of some snow.

 Me, falling off of my sled, while laughing at the camera.
 Megan getting air born! She loved it, until her butt was in aching pain.
 Megan getting some SERIOUS air!
Maddie and my Mom, Maddie needed a little break from sledding.

 Don't my braids look like the Wendy's picture (for the fast food place Wendy's)??
 Megan speeding down the hill on the saucer.

 Maddie building the bottom of her snowman.

 Me, in the process of making my snowman.
 Now, Megan making her snowman.
 Me and Megan making the bottom of my snowman.
 I love Meghan's hat!

 The Hoss sisters making their heart.

 Maddie and Megan's snowman.

 My snowman! I really love it... I used almonds for the face, except for the nose.

 All of us around my snowman.

Goodbye Upper Lee Meadows! I will come by soon.


  1. Ariana...I love this post! You guys look great and I love your braids. You must have called me when you were on your way to the mountain.

  2. It's unfair.
    we have not got any snow in sweden yet! :)

  3. Thank you Nanna!
    And Laurel, haha! We never really enjoy having some sledding here but a big winter storm hit the mountains one weekend and this was the left overs from that storm:) But that is crazy that you havent even had snow in Sweden yet!


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