The Photos

The Photos
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lets Take A Walk Around Town!

Today my theme is about things that I see almost everyday. From morning 'til night.Pretty flowers in the area around my house.

Above, some more flowers.
Below, Vegas a Vegas leaf. Nice right? Dried up and everything!
Just a bunch of TINY TINY TINY flowers in the lavender bush in front of my house.

Very weird red thing in the middle. To me it is yet unknown what it is.
The corner of my house.
I thought that this cloud looked like an eagle or a bird. What do you think?
A canopy of the tree leaves from many trees.
This was just a puddle from last nights rain still on the street.
Berries on the way to a school.
When I was walking to the school this walkway reminded of me of a magical dream people have.


  1. Ariana...thanks for the tour. I especially love the leaves with the weird thing in the middle and the red berries. You are good with those macro shots.

  2. Wow! Ariana! More great shots. So glad that you live in a place where you can walk to school. The path does look magical. Please send us some warm weather.


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