The Photos

The Photos
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sorry for the Error!!! But now I am BACK!!

This is when Baba, Daniela, and I all went on a walk before Baba and Dida left to go back to New York.
This was a little earlier than Christmas at Marko's basketball games. Marko's mom and his mom's friend are in this picture.
Daniela and I are standing next to the amazing Christmas decorations at the Bellagio hotel/casino.
New Years Eve dinner at Palm steakhouse with Uko John, Ida, Kate, and Daniela. Also with our Daniela!! Then Baba, Dida, Tata, Mommy, and I.
The ending of Christmas day. I got everything that I wanted!
I hope that it was a nice welcome back to the Cookie Jar!


  1. Good! You are back in business. Marko is as tall as Tata! Happy to hear that you got everything you wanted for Christmas. "Hello" to everyone.

  2. That looks a pretty good Christmas, Cookie. We wish you all a very Happy New Year.
    Regards, Mike and Ann (in England).


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