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The Photos
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lets Try This Again.....

Sorry, all of these pictures are out of order! I got the pictures up finally but then it went out of order... Sorry!!!
Well, in these two pictures I am in Lake Havasu City in Arizona. They lit up the bridge and buildings that night! Perfect for a Christmas card.

Daniela and I did go to the park that was right next to the beach.
We did get to go to the beach, and it was very nice! The water was frigid cold. Brrrrr

This is the London bridge in Lake Havasu City. We can see it from our room!
Before we went to Lake Havasu I had finished my soccer season.... We did not win though, we ended up coming in second place. There is always next season though!

Daniela went trick or treating with her bestfriend Samantha and Austin. Daniela was loaded with candy when she got home!
We recently went to a horse show at the South Point Hotel/Casino. It was very cool to see.
This is just some more lights that were up in Lake Havasu.
When I was coming home from Croatia I stopped at my friend Meghan's house in Long Beach, NY and we got some New York pizza and had fun!
After hanging out with friends in New York and Croatia it was finally time to go home.... What a summer!


  1. Hi Ariana,
    I enjoyed going through your pictures. It sure must have been quite a summer! I'm glad that you are back to blogging.
    I had forgotten that London Bridge went to Arizona. That looked like a fun trip.
    Things are pretty quiet around here at Christina's world. No snow yet. I'm always hoping to get some snow for a sleigh ride around Christmastime.

  2. You have been very busy! Thanks for letting us catch up with what you have been doing. Today, the weather in Henderson is the same temperature as it is in Brockport. Glad you finally have a Mac to use...they are the best!

  3. Hello Cookie. It's good to have you back on blog. Your current blog reads like a geography lesson (never my best subject).
    Regards, Mike and Ann.

  4. remember Tina (she now has a new horse that she can ride or drive), who took you on a sleigh ride...and Mike and Ann (Strawberry's grandparents). How sweet that they noticed you were back in business.

  5. Is that where London Bridge is??? I've been wondering where it's got to for years. They really shouldn't move an important bridge several thousand miles away without telling a chap. I might have tried to drive over it.
    Yours, indignantly, Mike.

    (Only joking really)


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